Piano Leasing

Our belief is that music is of paramount importance and all individuals should have the opportunity to participate in its creation. Yet, often, learners work with pianos that are flat of pitch, with poor tuning stability and playing mechanisms. These problems only add frustration to the learning process and soon, interest is lost. Therefore, good quality instruments and expert tuition are crucial. For this reason, The Piano Gallery offers an alternative to purchasing an instrument, whenever the budget is limited: leasing.

By encouraging parents and adult learners to use this scheme, we feel that we provide the new pianist with the best possible start in their learning. This service is flexible and enables the learner to feel empowered with the best musical education.

Our leasing service comprises a smart, clean, new or nearly new piano, together with a piano stool, for less than £1.50 per day. An initial fee, covering delivery and collection of the instrument, and first month rental, will be followed by subsequent monthly payments. The monthly rental includes maintenance and tuning service.

Terms: A minimum contract of 6 months can be extended until such time as either party terminates it with a month’s notice.

The instrument can be purchased during the leasing period, in which case a refund of up to 6 months’ payments will apply.

Instruments of higher value can also be purchased with the same conditions, including those fitted with Quietime, Pianodisc or LX systems.
Prices given on application.